Just Quickly, What Is It?

Want to follow the worldly adventures of Charlie and his underpants? Charlie loses his superhero underpants and embarks on a brave yet exciting journey to try to find them!

Tell Me More, What’s It All About?

A boy named Charlie loses his Superhero Underpants and travels the world looking for them! He meets some interesting people and animals along the way, but he doesn’t give up. Charlie is determined, he is brave and though he is focus driven on finding those underpants, he has a fun, sometimes dangerous, journey on the way. Charlie travels through various landscapes including capital cities, baron deserts, deserted islands and the choppy waves of the ocean while on his quest and inspires the imagination of the reader.


Main character is Charlie, with his little dog along for the ride.

So, What Do I Love About It?

What I love most about this story is the rhyme and the alliteration. As an adult, it is enjoyable to read and rolls off the tongue. For a child, they will love the catchy language and the detailed illustrations.
Charlie is portrayed as being brave, determined, fun loving and adventurous.

Weak Points For Me

For me, the front cover illustration doesn’t grab me and is also not indicative of any of his adventures throughout the story.
I can’t fault the actual story but would have loved to see one of the beautiful scenes from the story, telling part of the story as the cover illustration. The city buildings on the cover don’t engage me as much as the adventure illustrations.

Quick Summary Review

A fun adventure, some worldly experiences for Charlie and a strength of character shown as he embarks on this important venture.


This book has a special place in my heart as I remember reading it to my son when he was little, many times over.
I recommend it highly for any child aged approx. 3-6

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