BUSTING! by Aaron Blabey – BOOK REVIEW

Busting! by Aaron Blabey – Book Review

Busting! by Aaron Blabey - Book Review

Busting, by Aaron Blabey, Published 2017

Just Quickly, What Is It?

Have you ever been busting?? We all have! Poor old Lou is BUSTING for the loo! What will he do? Jump the queue? Do it in a shoe? Hide behind a kangaroo?
Giggles and surprises for me and for you!

Tell Me More, What’s It All About?

Lou needs the loo and waiting is something he can’t do!
We’ve all been there.. busting to go, not knowing what to do.
This entertaining, lighthearted story is an exciting and amusing account of the lengths Lou considers while ‘Busting’ so as to not have that embarrassing accident moment.

Lou tries many options.. even considering no loo at all. His panic brings him to think creatively, yet he reconsiders and continues his hunt. Phew, he makes it through..
The story ends with a cute little twist and of course, some much needed relief.
The rhyme that is happening all throughout this book is what makes it so special and so fun to read! Children are naturally drawn to rhyming words and the repetition of the sounds as well as the amusement factor make for wonderful language and vocabulary development.


Lou! (who needs the loo)
The animals in the queue (who also need the loo)
The kangaroo at the zoo (who knows Kung fu!)

So What Do I Love About It?

What I love about this story is the rhyme and how enjoyable is it to read and emphasise those sounds in a rhythm.
Blabey has cleverly kept the rhyme and the words to limited syllables, allowing the reading to flow for the greatest impact and emphasis.

The expressions on Lou’s face are so strongly indicative of his absolute need to ‘go’ which most readers will identify with and empathise. His considerations add to the comedic value as well as his utter desperation.

Busting! by Aaron Blabey - Book Review

Weak Points For Me

There is not much I didn’t love in this book; for me, I would like to see an actual ‘loo’ in the end (rather than the urinal which some girl viewers may find foreign or unfamiliar). A minor detail which certainly doesn’t take away from the humour and the message.

Quick Summary Review

Lou knows what he wants. He wants the loo! You know you want to find out just what he will do. Children will giggle, they will hang on your words as they enjoy following Lou’s journey as you do too!


This story is presented as an engaging picture book with fun, rhyming language aimed at preschool and toddler children (aged 2-6) but will definitely captivate older children too, up to even 10 years old, with adults most likely enjoying the ride and the rhyme as they participate in the excitement with the child as they read along.

Busting! by Aaron Blabey - Book Review

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