Teacher Gifts – The Ultimate Guide

It can be hard to find teacher gifts that are heartfelt, meaningful, and fun. This article contains the ultimate guide for the top teacher that gives inspiration.


Do you struggle to find an appropriate gift for your child’s teacher each year? I know I do! There’s only so many times you can buy a coffee mug or chocolates before you want to buy something a little more thoughtful. Sometimes we have more than one teacher to buy for too, so we may need a few ideas!

So whether you’re buying for your child’s preschool teacher, primary school teacher or for high school teachers, there’s sure to be several ideas for you here!

I put together a compilation of teacher gifts that are thoughtful and impactful. I listed some DIY Teacher Gifts, Teacher Gift Boxes, Customized Teacher Gifts, Teacher Decor and Supplies and more!

teacher gifts
How much you spend is dependant on your budget, how many teachers you are buying for and how appreciative you are.
Cash is not generally considered a good gift idea for teachers though.

Gifts For Teachers who Inspire

Teacher gifts are one way both families and children can express their appreciation for their teaching team. Teacher gifts are not a requirement, however, as a parent AND a teacher, they are very much appreciated and help teachers know their hard work and dedication do not go unseen.

Teacher gifts do not have to be extravagant; it’s the thought and gesture that means the most. Teacher appreciation can be shown with simple DIY gifts or pre-made baskets, cards, and more. Here we will cover all of those ideas and provide some of the very best teacher gifts in a compilation of the Ultimate Guide of Teacher Gifts.

How Much Should You Spend On Teacher Gifts?

When it comes to buying teacher gifts, how much should you spend? This question can be hard to determine, when you want to show how much you appreciate all of the time, effort and work your teacher has put into the lives of those they teach. This will be individual to you, your financial situation and your budget, as well as how many teachers you are buying for and how much appreciation you have for your child’s teacher, but in my opinion, it is acceptable to keep a teacher gift between $10 – $50 respectively.

teacher gifts
Chocolates are usually appreciated by teachers but sometimes teachers get inundated with chocolates so keep this in mind..

Is It OK To Give Teachers Cash?

In my opinion, the simple answer is No. Giving a teacher a cash gift is not a thoughtful or personal gift. It doesn’t take much to choose something with a bit of effort behind it – hence my list! Your child’s teacher deserves it.

Teacher Gifts – The Ultimate Guide – 30 Ideas

Prepare to inspire and be inspired with the ultimate guide of 30 teacher gifts.. there may even be more than 30 with a bonus round of extra quick ideas thrown in at the end!

1. A Personalized Rock Your School Teacher Gift Box

This Rock Your School Gift Box is found on one of the world’s largest crafters online marketplace and is jam packed with assorted gifts guaranteed to give your teacher all the feels of a year well done! This thoughtful gift is also organic, vegan based, zero waste and plastic free to support a teacher who is passionate about making a difference in the world one step at a time!

2. Teacher Lanyards: A gift for Every Teacher’s Keychain

Silicone lanyards are trending and your teacher will probably love this addition to his/her school Keychain. The teacher lanyard is a stylish way to carry their teacher ID card or keys with fun silicone sensory beads!

3. A One of a Kind Ruler as a Personalized Teacher Gift

The thought of a teacher and a ruler often go hand in hand. A cute idea I found is a personalized wooden ruler your teacher will probably use for years to come – it will also be hard to lose!

4. Tea Time Teacher Gift Set

If your teacher is often caught enjoying their tea, then a gift set of assorted teas may be just the thing this year to show your appreciation. Lupicia.com has a large selection of teas, gift sets, tea pots, tea cups and much more. Be sure to check out the selection of pre-made tea bag gift sets. Too many to choose from? Try the set of 15 assorted tea gift box for a wide variety of flavors to sample.

5. Gift a Box of Sweets for the Sweetest Teacher

This year you had the sweetest, most patient teacher and the sweetest gifts can be found here, where a huge range of assorted boxes of sweetness await. Choose from boxes of sweets filled with all the colors of the rainbow, or one full of retro goodies, a box made for licorice lovers and much more! These boxes will certainly light up the palette of the teacher with a bit of a sweet tooth, or of course one with the sweetest personality.

6. A Teacher Coloring Book Gift

kids first aid

Coloring therapy is a real thing and this Snarky Chalkboard Coloring Book is the perfect gift for your favorite teacher. Just throw in some coloring accessories like pencils or textas and it’s a wrap! These pages have funny sayings sure to bring laughter and entertainment.

7. A Insulated Cup Teacher Gift Idea

Teachers deserve to enjoy their beverages Insulated so they stay cold or stay hot! Often they are too busy teaching and talking and coffee may turn cold or all the ice in their iced tea melts. That’s why an Insulated teacher cup is a great gift idea. There are several options on Amazon!

8. A Personalized Monogram Canvas Tote Bag Teacher Gift

Teachers always have a lot of teacher gear to carry. Make their job easier with a personalized Monogram letter canvas tote bag. This unique gift will be used every day on the job and doubles as the perfect beach bag!

9. A Personalized Teacher Clipboard Gift

Gift your teacher with a personalized clipboard! It is a thoughtful and practical gift that helps keep all papers in one place. These clipboards from personalization mall are a great, low-cost gift with a personal touch.

10. Personalized Desk Decor Gift for your Teacher

Spruce up the desk of your favorite teacher with a personalized teacher shelf block with a special message of your choice! This gift is affordable and touching.

11.  Favorite Teacher Notebook Gift

Teachers are always taking notes and writing down lesson plans and activity ideas. That is why a personalized teacher notebook is a wonderful teacher gift idea!

12. A Watercolor Musical Notepad

If your music teacher found a special note in your heart this year, show your appreciation with a gift such as the Watercolor Musical notepad. These attractive notepads can be personalized with your Teacher’s name, and will make a great addition to their desk.

13.  Apple Earrings Teacher Gift

Teachers and earrings go together like peanut butter and jam. Instead of fruit, gift your teacher with some red or green glitter apple earrings! This is a cute gift that is simple and appreciative. This store also has heaps of other earring options.

14.  Multifunctional Teacher Pen Gift

Gift your favourite teacher with the coolest pen ever! This 6-in-1 Multifunctional pen doesn’t just write! It contains a spirit level gauge, ruler, stylus, flat head screwdriver, ballpoint pen and a phillips screwdriver! This gift is handy, impressive, useful and smart just like your teacher! 

15. Teachers Matter Gift Box

When looking for a gift for your teacher it can be hard to decide, so why not choose a gift with an assortment of appreciative gifts! Teacher Matters has exactly the hamper you’re looking for this year to show your teacher appreciation!

16.  An Electric Pencil Sharpener

Is your teacher sharpening all the pencils with the old fashioned handheld pencil sharpener or maybe the pencil sharpener is not so sharp anymore? That’s when the gift of an electric pencil sharpener is a great idea! This electric pencil sharpener is less messy, upright, and its sleek appearance will complement any classroom setup.

17.  Funny Things My Students Say Novelty Notebook

Teachers hear a lot throughout the day, now they have a place to write down all of the funny things their students say with a novelty notebook! This teacher gift is one to bring and record laughter. Heaps of options for funny notebooks available on Amazon.

18. Inspirational Teacher Candle Gift Idea

Gift your teacher with an inspirational candle this year to show your appreciation. This candle smells good and uplifts the spirit with a meaningful message.

19.  Engraved Snack Jar Teacher Gifts

Our teachers put in hard work for each and every child every day, we think they deserve a treat. How about a treat jar with an engraved message?! These cute cookie or smartie snack jars are the perfect teacher gift engraved with a special message. Fill ’em up with some cookies or smarties for that extra touch.

20.  Teacher Planner Gift Idea

When a teacher is passionate about what they do it shows not only through them, but through those they teach. Teachers juggle a lot of information, and a lot of paperwork. Staying organized is essential to smooth success. The Teaching is My Happy Place planner is a nice gift for your favorite teacher this year.

21.   A DIY Teacher Survival Kit

A teacher survival kit is a great DIY idea as a teacher appreciation gift. These can be adapted to teachers’ snack stash filled with snack time favorites or teacher supplies such as pens, pencils, gum, sanitizer and more. All you need is a cute container, a label and maybe a ribbon on top.

22.  Personalised Water Bottle

These water bottles are durable, double walled stainless steel, come in different colours and BPA free. They can be personalised with a name and they deliver worldwide! (Free shipping on orders over $100 in Australia).


23.  A Cube Desk Calendar Teacher Gift

Update your teachers calendar with the cube calendar blocks! This gift is cute, functional and can be used for more than one year and comes in various designs.

You could also design a custom calendar, such as these HERE.

24. A Teacher Defined Desk Planter Gift

A little greenery in the classroom helps to bring the outdoors in, cleanses the air and brings a nice, calm vibe to the room. If your teacher loves plants, science and nature then this teacher defined planter is a lovely gift to show your appreciation this year and is very affordable!

25.  Color Changing Markers

If you’re looking for a teacher gift for your artsy teacher this year be sure to check out these colour changing markers or the erasable highlighters! These gifts are practical for everyday use and are something not everyone has. This gift brings colour and vibrancy to your gift.

26. Welcome To My Classroom Personalized Teacher Wall Art

A personalized wall sign is a teacher gift that will be proudly displayed for years to come. This is the kind of gift that really hits the mark! The sign can be personalized with your Teacher’s name and read “Welcome to Mrs Taylor’s Classroom.”

teacher gifts
There are SO many ideas online for thoughtful gifts that are affordable too!

27.   A Beaker Mug is the Perfect Gift for the Scientific Teacher

If your favorite teacher of the year was your science teacher, or maybe just a teacher with a flair for the experimental activities this cute Beaker Mug is just for them! It will work for both hot and cold beverages and is easy to clean for the busy on the go teacher!

28.  A DIY Flowerpot Teacher Gift With Growth Potential

One low-cost teacher gift that is cute, meaningful, and full of growth potential is a homemade Flower Pot with a sweet message and personal touch. To create this one-of-a-kind gift for your teacher with a green thumb you will need these supplies:

●    Ceramic or Clay Pot

●    Acrylic Paint

●    Potting Soil & Flower or Plant of Choice


Step 1

Paint a yellow ruler across the top lip of your pot and let dry.

-Do this by painting one layer yellow, let dry, and then paint on your black lines or dashes to represent your measurements. You can label these dashes with numbers with a black sharpie or acrylic paint marker. While the acrylic paint markers are super cool, they are not necessary. However, if you are artsy and know you will use these markers over and over again, go ahead and get the set!

Step 2

Paint the bottom half of the pot black and let dry.

Step 3

Paint in White a Custom Message: “Thanks for helping me grow!” Signed with your child’s name and year. (Once again the acrylic paint markers are marvelous for this step.)

Step 4

Once completely dry, fill with potting soil and a flower or succulent of your choice.

This is one DIY gift your teacher will cherish for years to come and is super budget friendly. 

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29. Personalized Drawstring Pouch Gift

If you are looking for a cute and personal gift for the teacher in your little one’s life for under $10 be sure to check out the personalized drawstring pouches found at fluffball.com! Teachers love anything to do with storage and organization because they have a lot to juggle on a daily basis. Staying organized goes a long way. These pouches are very affordable too! The canvas drawstring pouches are adorned with cute teacher sayings such as:

“It takes a big heart to shape little minds,” or “I’m a teacher, what’s your superpower?” These bags are sure to make your teacher smile and extend a huge thank you at the same time.

30.Thoughtful Teatowels!

This selection of personalised teacher teatowels are a great idea! Practical as well as heartfelt, they will surely be appreciated by your child’s teacher!

Bonus Round! 20 more quick ideas for Teacher Gifts!

  • Nice candle
  • Latest bestselling book
  • Stemless wine glass
  • Christmas tree decoration
  • Personalised keyring
  • Fresh fruit hamper
  • Pot plant / indoor plant
  • Diary for the following year
  • First Aid Kit
  • Nice Photo frame
  • Personalised wine bag
  • Pamper products – hand cream, bath bombs, hand wash
  • Artisan chocolates
  • Gift voucher for massage or facial
  • Comfy, novelty socks
  • Chopping board
  • Home made brownies or muffins
  • Stationery pack – new pens, post its, markers etc
  • Hygiene pack – tissues, hand sanitiser, hand wash, face mask
  • Tea Set
  • Gift voucher to a nice restaurant
teacher gifts
An indoor plant such as a succulent is a great gift idea – sustainable, low maintenance and works as decor too!

Planning Thoughtful Teacher Gifts Go A Long Way

The teachers in our children’s lives make everyday differences; both big and small. Teacher gifts, while not required, show our gratitude for all of their hard work and dedication. Gifts from students or parents don’t have to be complicated to be meaningful. They can be personalised gifts, cute and simple, homemade, Christmas gifts or pre-ordered. Physical gifts and personalised teacher gifts are great, but cash may be looked at as impersonal. If it’s last minute, a gift card with a handwritten card is nice, but planning ahead for the perfect teacher’s gift goes a long way. 

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