Personalised Teacher Stamps: Best Ones and Where to Buy Them

Personalised teacher stamps are a fun, personal way to convey a desired message to students. So what are the best ones and where can you buy them? Read on..


Teachers are busy!1 They have a lot to juggle on a day-to-day basis, so marking and providing quality feedback can be made easier with the assistance of a personalised teacher stamp. These stamps can be made to reflect a grade, give feedback, and provide insight. Teacher stamps are a fun, personal and efficient way to provide feedback to students. Each teacher has their own style, and that is why a custom-made teacher stamp is a great idea. To save you time, I have compiled some information about teacher stamps, options to customize your stamps, and where to find them.

I know I’m not the only teacher who loves stationery….

What are personalised teacher stamps?

A personalised teacher stamp is a stamp that can be personalised or premade with images, text, or icons that get a specific message across, such as “Mrs Lee says Good Job!” or “Mrs Lee says Keep up the Good Work!” and so on. Teacher stamps are a fun and stylish way to give feedback on papers or homework. Teacher stamps are used to provide feedback, and motivation to students on their written work without having to handwrite a message on every paper, which can be exhausting for busy teachers. Avoid RSI and just stamp what you want to say. When they’re personalised, they’re more likely to catch the eyes of students as they review written feedback. Teacher stamps make marking faster too!

How Much Do Personalised Teacher Stamps Cost?

Personalised teacher stamps can vary in price based on their design, complexity, size, and of course the vendor. Typically they can range anywhere from $10-$40 (or more) per stamp. However, some designers charge more and offer bundle deals, which save more in the long run. There are endless designs available and personal customisations to play with. Teachers can make genuine and personalised teacher stamps that show their style, creativity and personality.


Personalized teacher stamps can come in many shapes, sizes, colours, and designs. Some stamps are self-inking. This means that your hands will be ink free because the ink stays moist and will not dry out. Ink pads can be messy, but self-inking stamps are mess free!

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What are the Benefits of Personalised Teacher Stamps?

Personalised teacher stamps have several benefits!2

  • Reduces writing time
  • Fun
  • Convey a specific message
  • Fast, efficient and Convenient
  • Personal and Customizable
  • Helps students to understand the teacher expectations
  • Great for Reminders
  • Encouraging and motivating for students
  • Great for marking and grading
  • Helps to keep you organised
  • They’re a great present idea for other teachers!

Are There Personalised Teacher Stamps with the Date Included?

Custom-made teacher stamps can be made with adjustable dates, such as this stamp offered by the Stamp Store! (click here to view3) Teachers can add their name to a personal stamp and still have the option of an adjustable date, which is a great time saver! Personalised and adjustable stamps also have options for assorted ink colours, just in case black is too basic.

Where can you buy them?

There are several online stores where you can buy personalised teacher stamps, and of course, they will vary in price and quality, but after some research, I have listed 5 of the best stores in Australia. They all offer something a bit different, some stamps with dates, others without, and some more creative than others.

Here are 5 of the best online stores in Australia to buy personalised teacher’s stamps:

(Note – most of these stores offer Australian shipping only, not world wide)

1. The Stamp Store3

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The Stamp Store is stocked full of stamps of all kinds for teachers and beyond. Their teacher stamps are self-inking and refillable for long time use. They have pre-made designs but also make custom stamps to fit your needs in a variety of colours. Prices to Design your own stamps start at $40. Personalised stamps with adjustable dates start at $56 and up.

the stamp store, personalised teacher stamps
You can order stamps with a customisable date from The Stamp Store

2. The Learning Station4

The Learning Station is a great online resource to find personalized pre-inked teacher stamps. Not only are these stamps customizable, but they have an attractive design. Their stamps are made with quality materials, and shipped right to your door, with a 100% carbon-neutral shipping service.

the learning station, personalised teacher stamps
The Learning Station offer some beautiful designs and have LOTS of positive reviews

3. ETSY5

When it comes to creative designs, the online marketplace Etsy is always the place to go! Etsy is full of small business owners eager to provide the best quality, one-of-a-kind, handmade products just the way you want them. One shop that stands out for its impressive, customized teacher stamps is, Stampfulstore6. This store has over 3,000 reviews with positive feedback from customers and is ranked as a Top Seller. They have a great selection of personalizations for custom teacher stamps. The teacher stamps are 100% customizable with various fonts and sizes.

etsy seller, personalised teacher stamps
This Etsy seller have some detailed and complex designs that offer much more than basic prints

4. The Clever Classroom7

The Clever Classroom is a top online seller of personalised teacher stamps. These highly rated-teacher stamps come in various shapes and sizes. Prices start as low as $15 for some self-inking stamps. They have targeted messages for teachers and students such as, “Working toward your goal, keep trying,” and more. They have options for self-reflection stamps, celebratory stamps, and more. This store is definitely worth the browse.

clever classroom, personalised teacher stamps
The Clever Classroom have some unique designs and they also have lots of clothing stamps

5. The Custom Stamp Co.8

The Custom Stamp Company is another top online store to find the best personalised teacher stamps around. They supply custom-made, pre-inked, stamps for teachers. You can customise your own or choose from the idea tab for inspiration. Use your imagination to choose what shape, size, font, colour, and message you want to create, and the details will be at your fingertips. Choosing the Custom Stamp Co means that you will be supporting a family-owned business, made by teachers, for teachers.

the custom stamp co, personalised teacher stamps
The Custom Stamp Co have a wide variety of designs and at pretty good prices too


A teacher’s work is never done, and at the end of the day, teachers are already thinking about tomorrow; the jobs that need to be done, how to work more efficiently and how to fit everything in to their day/their week/the term. Tools such as personalised teacher stamps can help teachers to work that little bit more efficiently, and kids usually love seeing them on their work!

Some of these stores also sell clothing stamps, personalised stickers and other useful resources to make life easier.

Have you ever tried using a personalised teacher stamp? Where did you buy it and what did you love about it? Do you have any retailer recommendations? Let me know in the comments, so other readers, and those in the teaching community can benefit too!

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