Nanny Agency; Benefits, and Best Ones in Australia?

A nanny agency has many roles and responsibilities to ensure they pair families with nannies that suit their requirements. In this article we will outline what a nanny agency does, the benefits, drawbacks and if it is worth it.


Whether you’re heading back to work or study or simply looking for some help with the children, it can be quite a challenge to find a trustworthy person that ticks all the boxes. A nanny agency can help reduce stress and can find you, someone, quickly. If you don’t feel confident involving yourself in the rigorous process, relying on a trusted nanny agency might save you time, effort and trouble.

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A nanny agency supports families in finding professional nannies according to their requirements.

What is a Nanny Agency?

To put it simply, a nanny agency supports families in finding professional nannies according to their requirements. They help to reduce the paperwork and burden associated with searching for a reliable carer for children.

How does a Nanny Agency work?  

The agency has the responsibility of ensuring each nanny is trustworthy and dedicated. Hence, the hiring process is quite rigorous. First, the agency will interview candidates based on their experience with children, relevant qualifications, certification and commitment to working with children.

If the candidates are successful, the agency will pair them up with families looking for nannies. Agencies can help to discuss conditions and pay and put contracts in place. A nanny agency’s main purpose is to save busy families time and provide a stress-free experience when looking for a reliable nanny.

How much are nanny agency fees in Australia?

The fees charged will differ between agencies. For example, the renowned company Australian Nanny Agency charges parents a registration fee which is non-refundable and a placement fee that is 16% of the employee’s net annual salary. You will pay the agency for all the effort to hire the nanny.

As parents, it’s always important to ask questions and be upfront about the cost involved early on. This way, you will be aware if the agency charges a registration fee, placement fee or other charges once you hire the nanny.

What should I look for in a nanny agency?

Ultimately, you are looking for a service that provides a one-stop solution and will save you time, research and effort! Here are some quick tips that may help with your search:

●    Try and find a nanny agency in your local area so they can provide a more localised service that is catered to your requirements

●    Have a look through reviews and ratings of the nanny agency so you can assess whether they are trustworthy

●    Ensure they do a thorough screening of nannies and check for qualifications, certificates and prior experience

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Many nanny agencies complete the vetting and hiring process and then suggest and shortlist 3-4 candidates that match best with your requirements.

What are the benefits of using a nanny agency?

A great article by LinkedIn suggests the following benefits of using a Nanny Agency:

1. You will save time: As mentioned before, finding quality nannies can be a very time-consuming process. The whole process involves posting advertisements, reviewing resumes, verifying the candidate’s documents and then deciding whether the applicant is a suitable match.

Many nanny agencies complete this whole process and then suggest and shortlist 3-4 candidates that match best with your requirements.

2. Safety, Regulations & Standards are maintained: Unfortunately, many people who claim to be a nanny sometimes don’t have the correct qualification or certificates, e.g. First Aid and Working With Children Check etc. A Nanny Agency will ensure these regulatory standards are all met when the candidate applies.

3. Parental Support: This is an essential factor that is often overlooked. If you’re a first-time parent and need support, nanny agencies are professionals who can offer you guidance and support. They may even suggest valuable support services within the community to help you out.

4. Continued Assistance: Even after the recruitment process is finished, nanny agencies will be there to fall back on. They will often check in to see if everything is going smoothly and help find a replacement If any circumstances arise.

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Unfortunately, you cannot claim Child Care Subsidy when hiring a nanny in Australia.

What are the drawbacks of using a nanny agency?

Although hiring a nanny agency does have many benefits, here is a list of some drawbacks, so you can make an informed decision on what works for you

●    Expensive: Nanny agencies charge a costly fee to be able to provide all these services. Not all families can afford an agency, and some may prefer to find a nanny themselves. A recently published article by The SMH discusses how nanny rates are soaring because of the childcare centre staffing crisis and the shift to home-based care after Covid-19.

●    Difficulty in finding the right fit: Sometimes, it is hard for agencies to understand exactly what you are looking for. You may have specific requirements and timings that might not work for everyone. Because you are not going through all the applicants yourself, parents may have to make some compromises to make it work. In this case, it might be worth considering an au pair.

●    Not eligible for subsidy: Unfortunately, there are no childcare subsidies available for families who hire nannies, as CCS is only applied through an approved child care service.

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A nanny agency can ease the burden by interviewing, matching and completing the relevant background checks of candidates providing families with placement solutions that match their preferences.

What are the best nanny agencies in Australia?

There are so many options available that choosing a reliable agency can be a bit overwhelming. Here is a short list that may help you to narrow down your choices. These suggestions are in no particular order.

●    The Nanny Collective

A Sydney-based nanny agency specialising in supporting families by connecting them to dependable childcare professionals.

– Cater to day nannies, stay-at-home nannies, international and travel nannies, corporate and event nannies and many more.

– The nannies must have impeccable references which are cross checked

– Nannies must pass a vigorous 5-step screening and application process before being put forward into any position

– They provide access to a range of workshops and seminars for the professional development of their nannies.

– 5-star reviews

●    Little Lovelies

A trusted nanny and babysitting agency that provides personalised care in Sydney, Byron Bay, Northern New South Wales, Brisbane and Gold Coast.

– The agency is founded by Jacqui, who is a mother herself

– Well known for being a friendly and reliable service

– Associated with the Australian Nanny Association

– You have the option to pay the nanny yourself and take care of all eligible payments or can have it all arranged by NannyPay Payroll, who is their payroll partner.

kids first aid

– Personalised consultation initially to understand the specific needs of each family


– After placement, the agency encourages a trial and, for extra peace of mind, a further two weeks replacement policy if required.

●    Mini Connections

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Based in Queensland, team mini aims to provide you with peace of mind as you search for a trustworthy nanny.

– There is no registration fee. Only a one-off recruitment fee.

– The recruitment fee comes with a six-week guarantee

– Members of the Australian Nanny Association

– The agency also provides pet and house sitters along with different nanny services.

●    Dream Nannies

This is one of the nanny agencies that provide services all over Australia.

– Large database of nannies already in Australia available all year round

– If your Nanny leaves within 30 days, they offer one free replacement (provided you meet all the obligations as a host)

– They provide assistance throughout the interviewing and recruitment process to help you make your final decision

– On-going support to both families and nannies to mediate in case any issues arise.

●    Nanager

This professional service offers families a childcare professional who is a combination of a nanny and a household manager.

– Can help find a nanny in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and all surrounding areas.

– The founder herself has been working in the industry for 10 years and has been a nanny to over 70 families

– The Nanager blog can help support both nannies and families about expectations.

– After meeting the minimum quality standards, the nannies are interviewed. The agency checks: a proven track record for a strong work ethic, a pro active nature, and experts in multitasking.

●    Precious Poppets

This is a Perth-based agency that ensures finding the right nanny is made easier for families.

–      Finding nannies in Perth is difficult and takes time, so they will do everything for you

–      Each nanny profile provided to parents will have a list of their experience, qualifications, interests and beliefs as well as the reasoning behind why precious poppets believe they are a good match

–      Provides nannies for a special event such as weddings, funerals and other events.

nanny agency, nanny
Nanny agencies can make hiring a nanny a lot easier but make sure you look into their fees as they can charge a lot for this service.

Is a nanny agency worth it?

If you have the budget, it is highly recommended that you use a nanny agency to find a high-quality nanny that will suit your requirements. A good agency will take the time to know your preferences and will take care of the time-consuming vetting and hiring to make the whole process smoother.


To sum up, whether busy families are looking for casual nannies, night nannies or help during school holidays, finding a nanny yourself can be an overwhelming process. Sifting through different applicants and ensuring they are trustworthy and qualified can be both frustrating and tiring.

Rather, an agency can ease the burden by interviewing, matching and completing the relevant background checks of candidates providing families with placement solutions that match their preferences. If you’re looking to save time and hassle along with receiving ongoing support if things don’t work out, a nanny agency might be just what you need!

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