CareforKids Review; What is it and how can it help me?

For a new parent, knowing where to start and where to find information about child care in Australia can be a daunting thought – but thankfully, CareforKids has been developed to help them navigate this important task.


Across Australia, families have become increasingly dependent on child care services for a wide range of reasons. Whether it be for work, study or to provide a child with social interaction and learning – the demand for child care is at an all-time high. Since each and every family is wonderfully unique and diverse, finding the right kind of care for a child can be challenging and the multitude of options can make it an overwhelming experience. For a new parent, starting your baby, toddler or pre-schooler in childcare and knowing where to start and where to find information about child care in Australia can be a daunting thought – but thankfully, CareforKids has been developed to help them navigate this important task. CareforKids will guide parents and caregivers through the options and processes to help them find exactly what they need for their families specific and individual circumstances.

CareforKids review

Where did CareforKids originate?

The CareforKids website was developed by two working parents after they struggled to find access to information and support when trying to find child care options for their young daughter. After much research and investigation, the website was launched in 2003 and aimed to provide families with information surrounding early childhood education and care programs across Australia. Since its beginning, the website has grown to include a wide array of services for not only parents, but also for child care services and businesses. Additionally, a job board has been added to the website to help those looking for work in the early childhood education and care sector and a library of information has been included as well. The CareforKids website has evolved into a useful and valuable platform as a central hub for all matters related to child care in Australia. You can find more about the developers of CareforKids, Roxanne and Mark Elliott, here: About Us –

What is CareforKids?

CareforKids is basically a one stop shop for parents and child care services to connect. The website provides information and support for child care businesses to advertise their services and for parents to find the right kind of care to suit their families’ unique and individual needs. When it comes to child care, there are many options to consider and the CareforKids website is inclusive of the following kinds of child care services:

·         Child care centres


·         Family day care

kids first aid

·         Before and after school care service

·         Vacation care

·         Babysitters and nannies

·         Au Pairs

·         Child care agencies

·         Preschools and kindergartens

By accessing the ‘find a service’ tab, you can search for all of these options within a local area. Click on the following link to see what is available near you: The way Australian families find child care –

What information and services do CareforKids provide?

On the website, parents can search for child care services within their local area and find comprehensive information about each service and what they are able to offer. Details such as a centre’s quality rating are easily available and parents and caregivers are also able to rate and review child care services that are shared on the website.

CareforKids review

For child care businesses and services, CareforKids allows them to easily advertise and fill vacancies as well as market their business and connect with families who are seeking child care. The site offers a range of subscriptions – including one that is free, so signing up makes a lot of sense for child care service owners. The paid subscriptions will give businesses access to a multitude of applications and support to help with strategic planning as well as the daily operating requirements of an early years education and care service.

CareforKids review

The CareforKids platform is also great for those who are seeking employment within the early education and care sector. Applicants are able to search for advertised jobs in all of the listed services across Australia and apply in an easy and straightforward manner. To apply for a job in child care, click the following link to search the CareforKids job vacancy board: Need a new early childhood job now? Go to

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Finally, the CareforKids website also provides a plethora of information for parents through a wide range of articles on topics such as babysitting, activities for children, parenting and family life, and sustainable practices. If it relates to young children – you can probably find it on the CareforKids website. Here is a link to the articles library to easily find this informative content: Child Care Articles, Tips & Parent Guides –

CareforKids review

Care for Kids free child care guide

Across their more than 15 years of experience in the early education sector, have developed a free resource for families to help take the stress out of learning about child care options and services in Australia. The CareforKids Child Care Guide details everything that a parent would need or want to know about early childhood education and care services across the country. It will help parents and caregivers to understand what ‘quality’ child care looks like and give them useful and practical information to assist them in determining how a child care service can meet their needs. To access this useful and free resource, visit the link here and sign up through the CareforKids website: Child Care Guide –


The CareforKids website is a valuable and useful platform for both families and child care services alike. Being able to find exactly what you are looking for within the one website will certainly save families time and effort as they seek to find the best child care options for their family. Child care services will also benefit from the advice, support and applications that are on offer to build and enhance their businesses. CareforKids has certainly been designed by parents, for parents, and will help take the stress out of finding the right kind of care for a child.  If you are a parent, child care service or a child care worker looking for a job – CareforKids has all of your needs covered.

Disclaimer – I am in no way affiliated with CareforKids and so this article is not a recommendation or an endorsement at all. It is simply an overview of what CareforKids can provide, and you should always do your own research when it comes to choosing a quality early learning service for your child.

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